Grouping Plants Together

In grouping plants together, one should consider their needs and their different condition preferences. There are other factors that can help you decide on how to group your favorite greens together.


Go for Odd

And by odd, we mean not divisible by 2! Go for an uneven number to prevent your plants from looking symmetrical. Cluster them in 3s or 5s if you want to aim for an informal, casual-looking plant arrangement.

Choose Various Sizes

Grouping plants of the same size tend to look uniform, while the difference in size gives a more natural look. Go for plants with different widths and heights. Like any other groupings, you may also consider placing some plants to serve as focal points.

Consider Leaf Shapes

Create interest and harmony among your arrangements by choosing a harmonious mix and match of leaf shapes and sizes.

Think Dwarf Sansevieria with its stiff, hardy, and upright foliage and the Heartleaf Philodendron with its graceful trailers. (Check out our Brighten your Day Bundle)

Play with the Pots

You can choose pots based on your preference. You may opt for similar colors and finishes to make your plant arrangement look like a set. You can also vary the pots for a more eclectic look. 

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