Plant Care as Self Care

They say, surround yourself with people and things that you can grow with — and that include plants.

In recent years, people are interested in plant care and it’s not just because plants instantly spruce up a space, but these caretakers benefit from tending to their green buddies as well.

Horticultural Therapy’s been around since the 19th century. It is a time-proven practice recognizing the positive effects of working in the garden had on individuals. Just think of watching something you care for grow and thrive with your own efforts — that’s one way to boost one’s mental wellbeing and confidence.

Plants are Calming

Plants reduce stress and promote wellbeing. Wonder why people give patients plants or flowers during their stay in hospitals? It is because patients surrounded by these foliage and blooms recover faster, and have reported lower heart rates and blood pressure.

They Help Improve Focus and Productivity

Keeping plants in your space can help reduce procrastination and can decrease stress, too. Plants have been proven to give a positive impact on air quality, helping with increased focus, and improved performance. Plants are known energy-boosters, too!

Boost Creativity

Plants can help shift your brain into a different processing mode just by looking at them. Luckily, we have these green buddies that may help create more positive mood states. With this, people can feel more relaxed, bringing in more creative ideas. No time for an outdoor escape? Bring nature in with our list of houseplants.



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