Dracaena Anita


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Bright filtered light is ideal for the plant. It can tolerate low light conditions well but will burn if exposed to the full sun. If you don’t have a window to place it next to, that’s quite all right since artificial lighting is sufficient in most cases.


Dracaena Anita appreciates moderate, consistent watering. Too much moisture will lead to root rot, while too little will also damage the plant. It’s best to keep it slightly on the dryer side and let the top 2 to 4” of the soil dry out before watering it. Water it slowly at the base until it appears out of the bottom of the pot.


Dry leaf edges and tips are a sign of low humidity in the room. Dracaena Anita likes sitting in a room with humidity levels above 30%. If the humidity is low, mist it regularly or place it over a pebble tray filled with water.


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