Boston Fern


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One of the most popular varieties of fern is the Boston fern. This wide-spreading plant with beautiful arching fronds (divided leaves) makes a wonderful addition to the home. The fronds or leaves of this fern can grow as long as 2-3 feet and 4-6 inches in width.

It’s good for you!

A Boston Fern does a great job removing formaldehyde from the air. (NASA Clean Air Study Guide)

Fun fact:

Ferns are an ancient group of plants. From the fossil record, scientists consider that land plants emerged from the water around 475 million years ago. By about 400 million years ago, vascular plants had separated from non-vascular plants, and soon after this, ferns separated off. By about 350 million years ago, some of the major families of ferns are seen in the fossil record. This makes ferns older than most land animals – some invertebrate animals were on land by this time – and far older than dinosaurs! (

Black planter dimensions: 

Small Boston: Height 14 cm, Diameter 19 cm



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