Pets and Plants: How to Co-Exist

Having plants and furry friends co-exist can prove to be quite a challenge as pets sometimes get adventurous.

Pets can also become curious especially when there’s movement on the foliage, leading them to take small bites of greenery. 

It’s useful to know which plants pose a mild gastrointestinal upset risk and what pet owners can do to keep their furry buddies safe and sound — note: though symptoms are not expected to be life-threatening to pets, it’s still important to introduce them to plants with a bit more care.

Build a little division

Plants pose some irresistible attraction to humans, more so to cats and dogs. To keep your plants safe from your pets (and vice versa!), have them physically separated. Place your potted plants on higher shelves or have them on plant stands — choose a plant stand that matches the size of your planter so your cat won’t squeeze his way up there. Another option is to use some hanging planters to display plants like the Heartleaf Philodendron or the Boston Fern.

Dissuade and provide distractions

To draw their attention away from your plants, give your paw friends an alternative target. For your feline friends, you may opt to provide them with their own cat grass or simply make your soil unappealing to them — place a burlap on top of the soil and spritz it with some citrus, like a diluted lemon juice or orange essential oil (cats hate that smell!). Meanwhile, for your dogs, keep them occupied by providing other toys; ensure that they get their daily dose of exercise so as to burn off that extra energy, too.

Go for pet-friendly plants

According to the ASPCA, a cat or dog that consumes any plant material may experience some mild reactions such as upset stomach, vomiting, or diarrhea.

Good news is that we’ve compiled some pet-friendly plant options for you! Go and add some greenery without the worry by checking our Pet-friendly plant list.

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