Landscape Design Works


35 Years of Landscape and Horticulture Experience

Tierra is grafted from our family’s more than 35 years of passion for horticulture and landscape design.

Being in horticulture helps us build more sustainable gardens as it goes beyond just the aesthetics of the gardens we create.

We design and build gardens ranging from condominium balconies, to township developments – whether hardscape or softscape, indoor or outdoor.

We will work with you from conceptualization to execution to make sure that your space will be a reflection of your personality and specific needs.

Our Skills

  • Softscape and Hardscape Design

  • Park Development and Maintenance

  • Road and Drainage Cleaning

  • Open Space and Lawn Maintenance

  • Golf Course Development and Maintenance Re-forestation

  • Nursery Development


  • Private and Commercial Resorts

  • Wall Gardens and Watering Mechanism

  • Swimming Pools, Fountains, and Koi Ponds

  • Irrigation and Sprinkler System

  • Indoor Gardening

  • Potted Indoor and Outdoor Plants

  • Garden Maintenance and Rehabilitation

  • Supply of Plants and Trees

Customers We Worked With